Coaching Philosophy
Examples of coachable challenges


True progress in practice

The primary target of coaching is reaching your personal goals. In my experience true progress is achieved by identifying the workings and mutual influence of your family, social, work and health patterns.

The sessions are aimed at reaching insight, thus clearing the way for action. The sessions are not primarily “feel good” experiences, but aimed at true progress.
Working method

In all cases we take the time and rest to fully understand what you want to work on. Sometimes your issue can be tackled and broken into workable parts within one session. In most occasion support over a few sessions is appropriate. Telephone, email and chat can be useful methods. In all cases it is you who decides the length and frequency of the support.

The first session takes about 2 hours, following session take 1 ½ hour.

You can only feel sorry for the things you DID NOT do”